GIS Training Services
Our classes are designed for the GIS user in Alaska, for users new to GIS, and also for users looking to get more out
of their GIS software. Classes are scheduled regularly in Juneau, Dillingham, and Anchorage, although we have
taught at over 10 other locations across the state. Organizations also regularly request classes to be
taught on-site.

Classes may include up to 14 people and are taught with version 10.5 of esri ArcGIS Desktop – Advanced
licenses. Each user should ideally have access to a single computer.

Technical Services
With over 20 years full-time experience with a variety of GIS, GPS, and remote sensing applications, we perform GIS
needs assessments, GIS implementation, database design and application programming, and spatial analysis.
We also provide database driven internet and intranet mapping tool development.

Blue Skies has also provided rfp and GIS / database project design services to Alaskan boroughs, communities, and organizations.

Environmental Services
We have extensive experience in environmental management. We have performed surface runoff
modeling using the EPA’s Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) and BASINS packages. We have also completed
groundwater investigations for Alaskan communities to provide information regarding depth to available groundwater

We also perform wetland determinations according to Army Corps of Engineers standards and guide land owners
through required local, state, and federal environmental permitting processes.