Basics of Python Scripting

Basics of Python Scripting    (length: 1-day)

You’ve heard about it, you know that it’s installed with ArcGIS and that it’s supposed to make your GIS life easier to manage, but what is Python? This workshop will provide people unfamiliar with Python and its use in ArcGIS the opportunity to start with the basics and learn how Python can help you increase the efficiency of your GIS tasks.

Each participant will have the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with Python.

At the completion of the workshop, participants will have an understanding of what Python is, what is possible to do with it, and how to access Python scripting tools from both outside and within the ArcGIS environment. And perhaps more importantly, you will leave with a new set of skills and larger understanding of what is possible with ArcGIS.

And with Esri no longer supporting Visual Basic for Applications after version 10, now is the perfect time to learn about Python so you can begin to migrate your VBA code.